DIY. Facts to take into account before starting any painting project.

It is nothing sort of divided right in the middle between interior and exterior jobs. The fact is that exterior and interior painting come with there own set of challenges, the dos, and don’ts. The exterior painting we will obviously have to account for the weather that the building will be most likely exposed to. Things like this we will factor in many aspects of the job. Which may include being a determining factor in the choice of paint that we are going to use. Also, painting exteriors can have a lot more restrictions assigned to it. If you are not quite sure what we mean we will explain it below!


What Can I Paint & What Can’t I Paint?

We get it, the structure is within your property and common sense dictates that you should be able to adjust anything in your property the way that you see fit. The thing is that there are certain structures like sidewalks and at times exterior look on commercial buildings that cannot be altered without permission from local authorities. This is not a huge deal, but keep in mind that it could happen. We will make sure that any type of job that we are called in to do remains within the legal limits!

What Type of Paint Do I Need?

As we’ve explained in other areas of our website, that different types of surfaces and structures will require different types of paint. How could you know if you are buying the right one? Well, you could trust the guy at your home improvement store to hopefully have proper knowledge when it comes to paints. Your best option would be to give us a call! We know a thing or two and three about paints, so we feel confident in the fact that we will be able to guide you in the right direction! Click here to reach a DAECO Painting professional

Surfaces That We Can Paint.

Normal house walls concrete walls that we see on exteriors and interiors seem pretty easy to paint on. The thing is that not all walls are super smooth and will allow you to just glide a brush right through them. We can handle all of the tough jobs. That may include brick, cement, wood, rock or other types of surfaces. Each time that we are called in to do a job what we will do is evaluate the surface and see what type of technique we want to use to be able to paint it properly also!

How High Can You Go? 

Another main concern that people should have is knowing whether or not he or she will be able to reach as high as their wall stands. All we can say is that we have painted exteriors in some of the tallest structures in the area. We have ladders and all of the necessary equipment to safely attach ourselves to buildings like Spiderman. DAECO painters are trained professionals and are not afraid of heights so we feel pretty confident that we can handle what you can throw at us!

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