How to determine who to hire for your exterior painting project?


Learn how to choose the right house painter for your home. Don’t take the chance of wasting your hard-earned money on a painting contractor only to discover that he offers low quality work and too high of prices.


How to find an exterior painter in the Denver / Boulder area.


So, you’ve decided to hire a painting contractor… or at least try to find out how much it will cost to have your painting project done correctly and professionally. The cost of a paint project rather (interior or exterior) can be quite a bit and a quality job even more. Make sure you choose your painter wisely.


Here are some helpful tips from your friends at DAECO Painting your Denver House Painters of Denver / Boulder and surrounding areas.


Trusted Sources

Start with the people you know and trust… your friends, family, and neighbors. If a house painter did a nice job on one of their homes, they will refer that contractor to you. In my mind, that’s all you really need!

But… just to be sure… ask some real questions:


1. Are you happy with the quality of work provided by the house painter?

Just because your neighbor says they love a particular painter, doesn’t mean they are right for you. If possible take a look at their work first. Examine cut-in areas around doors, windows, and trim. Are the lines straight and was caulking applied where needed. It doesn’t matter if the job is interior or exterior. A good professional house painter ALWAYS properly prepares the surface before painting.


2. Did the house painter protect none painted surfaces or areas?

For exteriors, this includes concrete, roofing, and plantings. For interiors make sure the painters cover and move the furniture, cover the floors and protect your cabinets.


3. Were the house painters courteous and pleasant?

This is a very important consideration. The entire experience, from beginning to end, needs to be as stress-free as possible. Plus if the house painter enjoys their job, the quality and attention to details will be better. The customers’ attitude can and will affect the entire paint job.


4. Did the house painters show up on time? Did they leave at a reasonable hour?

Where they wearing painters uniform or did they show up in whatever gear?

A professional house painter should have a standard of arriving in uniform, painter whites and a labeled outfit. He or she should show up and leave at a normal time. Don’t accept a schedule where the painter shows up late and doesn’t leave until midnight.

5. Is a warranty included?

Claims show an alarming amount of painters in Colorado do not have a real legitimate warranty or even carry insurance. This generally is a result of under biding the scope of the project and moonlighting contractors. If the bid is too cheap, be prepared to never see that painting contractor again if something goes wrong. Keep in mind, exterior paints, and stains in Colorado don’t last very long, our elevation and extreme weather will push any exterior colorant (coating) past its limits in a hurry, basically, the paint will fail. No manufacturer will warranty their products for a lifetime, at best you will get a 6-month limited warranty, and it will be misleading and irresponsible for a painter to push that the product will last for a lifetime. If a warranty is provided in writing, the warranty should include the workman’s ship and a limited product warranty. A one to five-year labor and material warranty is very realistic. Most paints regardless of the price will last 8 to 12 years if applied correctly, 15 to 20 years in protected areas. Look for a painting contractor who plans on being here for a long time and who wants your repeat business.


We hope to better inform our customers and make you experience a pleasant one. Hope we were able to provide helpful information when looking to enlist a painting contractor.


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