How to Find the Best Residential Painters for Your Colorado Home


DAECO Painting is a paint contractor that recognizes your home for what it is: the center of your life and family — the place where your heart is. At every stage of your exterior painting or interior painting project, we communicate effectively to understand your unique desires and needs. We treat our customers and their houses with the utmost care and respect, giving personalized attention to each detail. Using only the best products and proper techniques, we provide Denver, Co., and surrounding cities with superior house painting services, and we provide the warranty to back that claim.
Need Help With Selecting Just the Right Color?

Customers of Daeco Painting who need help with choosing the right colors receive a complimentary color consultation with a DAECO Professional any scheduled exterior or interior painting job.

Our Residential Painting Services Include:

• Interior Painting
• Exterior Painting
• Painter For a Day
• Power Washing
• Deck refinishing
• And So Much More

Homeowners looking for local painting contractors have a challenge on their hands. Painting is a professional service. Customer satisfaction depends mostly on the service provider of choice. It is not about putting the paint on the surface it’s about well trained the painters are. The paint job itself should look and feel good. The smart consumer usually wants the house painter to manage the entire experience. It should all start with the first phone call and later the estimate. Expectations need to be clear right from the start. The customer and the contractor should always be on the same page and all concerns should be answered before the job even starts.

Before you Hire A Professional Painter, ask this Important Question:

Who will paint your home?
Does the contractor have their own in house painters or do they “sub-out” the job to someone else? Ask about the painters, be inquisitive, this is important in many ways. Do they know who they will send out to your home? How long have they worked for the painting outfit? Are they in fact employees of the company or the next subcontractor available? These are fair questions and they should have clear answers.

Fact: 90% of house painting companies don’t have their own employees. After hiring company A, the homeowner finds out that smaller company B is painting the house. We don’t think that’s fair and transparent. The contractor should disclose this to the customer upfront. You have a right to know since the painters will be around your family, your pets, and your belongings. On some occasions, we have to use trained, verified subcontractors to help offset the overload of job orders. “Note: our trusted subs have been with us for over 10 years and at one time were employees of ours”

At DAECO painting we have a policy of using our own uniformed painters. If you hire our company, you will get our own trained painters. How Important is this? We think it’s very important, let’s see what Susan Tomlinson said:

“…We have hired the Daeco crew twice for interior painting and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again. What makes them stand out is that they are not only personable and responsive, but their work is excellent, and they exhibit a great deal of care and concern for your property and personal comfort while they are in your home. No detail is too small for them to address and they frequently will go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction without being asked or adding on to your bill. Great contractors are hard to find, so when I find a good one, I like to share! Highly recommend.…”
Susan And Dave who live in the West Woods Golf Course community. They own a lovely home between the lake & golf course and hired DAECO painting to paint their entire interior.