Infuse New Life Into a Worn, Faded Home

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The exterior paint on your home is supposed to form a barrier of protection against the environment. Things like extreme heat or cold, inclement weather, age, and intense sunlight can cause the paint on your home to wear down. The Colorado weather is especially hard on exterior paint. That's why DAECO Painting is proud to provide exterior house painting services using paint that can stand up the elements.

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Professional paint applied by professional people

Professional paint applied by professional people

At DAECO Painting, we believe in taking care of our customers. That's why we use only DAECOAT Plus paint, our own premium brand of paint. We also follow a thorough exterior house painting process carried out by trusted professionals.

You can count on us to:

  • Wash the Area: We pressure wash or hand-wash the areas we're painting to remove dirt, mildew and contaminants so that we have a clean working surface to apply your paint.
  • Prep the Surface: We scrape away loose paint and sand the surfaces, where necessary. Gaps and holes are plugged with caulk to prevent water from leaking through.
  • Paint: We prime the repaired areas and apply premium paint to create a uniform finish.
  • Clean Up After Ourselves: This is done daily, as well as upon the completion of our work. We remove paint chips from the area, then pack and store any leftover materials.
  • Inspect the Finish: After our own inspection, you're invited to check over our work to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Every customer's satisfaction is incredibly important to us, which is why DAECO Painting offers reasonable pricing and professional service. Your exterior house painter will work quickly to minimize your inconvenience and deliver stunning results.

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